Visuals which stuns you!

Visual effects are one of the most important element in success of any project. We at 3D service India provides best VFX services to our clients. With passionate team of VFX professionals, we turn your video into amazing piece of art. With advancement in technology and competition, you need to think and act different to be on the top. Our Team expertise in maintaining the balance between cutting edge technology, imagination and ideas to make you on top. If you are working with us, it meas you are working with leading VFX company in the market. You need to just discuss you idea with our team and we will come up with amazing vfx effects for you.


Our technician have expertise in rotomation services. we are team of passionate animation artists who can come up with great idea and quality work for your rotomation services. Our experts works frame by frame on your video and give a perfect rotomation output. Come and involve with us for your rotomation needs

Matchmove / Camera tracking

3D services India specialize in match moving services.

Clean up

Our Clean up Team is expert in clean up services.

Chroma Key

We are specialized in removing your green screen and make it transparent. Also we can place the background of your choice to give it nice visual effects. We make chroma key removal task easy for you.

VFX compositing

VFX compositing is an integral part of any video making. Without having experienced hand on FX compositing, none can survive in the industry. Our VFX compositing experts combines your various visual items from separate sources to make them one with great visual effects. You can rely on our services to get great results.

Baby ROTO VFX from pat jacobs on Vimeo.

Dance Girl VFX ROTO from pat jacobs on Vimeo.

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